Rajapalayam Mills Limited


Birth of a Visionary: On April 24, 1894, when a son was born to Pusapati Chinniah Raja, there was great jubilation in the family. Chinnaiah Raja believed that the child was born with the blessings of the Lord of Rameswaram, and named him child Ramasamy Raja. Little did anyone imagine that the infant was to one day change the face of Rajapalayam, a town nesting on the foothills of the Western Ghats in South Tamil Nadu. Ramasamy Raja, known as PACR, was only 27 years old when his father died and all the onerous responsibilities of the family were thrust upon his young shoulders.

Businessman turned into Industrialist: Ramasamy Raja was looking for something more enterprising than the family business. He became an agent for Harvey Mills of Madurai. This move changed Ramasamy Raja’s life. He realized the potential of his own land. Instead of sending the cotton to Madurai to be converted into yarn, he realized that he could do this in Rajapalayam itself. He concluded that Rajapalayam, which was otherwise a very backward area with very few job opportunities, would be vastly benefited by setting up a mill.

Selfless Service to People: He carried out his responsibilities very efficiently and the people of Rajapalayam respected him for his selfless service to the people. He was Chairman of Rajapalayam Municipality from 1941 to 1947. It was he who made Rajapalayam what it is today. Ramasamy Raja wanted to try his hand at business. He started off with a chain of provision shops and hardware shops. Along with his nephew, he started a transport corporation with five buses.

Birth of the first Ramco Venture: His visited Britain and other European countries to see first hand the working of the mills. There, he had the chance to meet many business magnates. He returned to India full of ideas. After returning to Rajapalayam, he put his plans into action. To start the yarn mill, he found that he needed Rs.5 lakhs, which in 1936 was a huge sum. It was considered a Herculean task to raise such a big capital. But the determined Raja was not deterred. He decided to make the people “Shareholders”.

Rajapalayam Mills Ltd: Thanks to his illustrious background and his own reputation, he raised the required capital ready, in no time. On September 05, 1938, the then State Minister for Labour, V.V.Giri, inaugurated the mill and Rajapalayam Mills Ltd commenced operations. There was no looking back for Ramasamy Raja after this. The Mill was a grand success. He followed this up with other successful ventures. He started The Ramaraju Surgical Cotton Mills Ltd along with his son-in-law Rama Raju.


Shri P.A.C.Ramasamy Raja promoted a spinning mill – Rajapalayam Mills Limited in Rajapalayam with a vision of providing employment to a large number of people of his home town and utilize the cotton grown in this area.


Shri V.V.Giri, the Honourable Labour Minister of the Madras Presidency formally inaugurated the Rajapalayam Mills Limited with 6000 spindles imported machine from Tweedles and Smalleys – England.



Shri P.R.Ramasubrahmaneya Rajha, son of Shri P.A.C.Ramasamy Raja took charge and full responsibility after his father attained Amarathuvam.


New Lakshmi Rieter spinning frames installed.


Schweiter Auto Cone winding machine imported.



Rajapalayam Mills got the first ever Open End Spinning machines supplied by Rieter, Switzerland to manufacture 10s yarn to cater the needs of handloom sector in the South India.


Started export yarn to Japan through Mitsubishi Corporation.



Based on the experience gained in exporting yarn to Japan, two 100% Export Oriented Units (EOU) started operation – “Rajapalaiyam Spintext” and “Sri Ramco Spinners”.


Continuous support of M/s. Unitika Limited, Japan helped add a third EOU, Rajapalaiyam Textiles.


In order to improve the yarn quality, the Group invested in a Compact Spinning system from Suessen, Germany in a big way for the first time in India.



Rajapalaiyam Spintext has won the first prize, Uster Tensorapid 4, the latest generation single yarn strength testing equipment worth Rs.35 Lakhs in a Global contest conducted by M/s.Zellweger Uster, Switzerland.


EliTwist – It is a new novel system of producing two ply yarn directly from the Ring spinning. The EliTwist Spinning Method combines compact spinning and twisting of a yarn in one single operation.

Compact spinning enhances the yarn strength, abrasion resistance and gives low hairiness with circular compact even yarn cross section. As it eliminates doubler winding and TFO process in the conventional method, it will be more cost effective method of two ply yarn production.


Development of imported version of Comber machine E65 by Rieter in collaboration with Rajapalayam Mills Limited and introduced in our mill for the first time in the world.



Volkmann Golden spindle award from Oerlikon Saures for the largest installation of TFO machines in India.


A state-of-the-art spinning was commissioned with advanced Rieter K441 Compact spinning system imported from Switzerland with fully automated Link Koners from Savio. This was one of the latest technologies implemented for the first time in India with fully imported back prolvo machinery to produce yarn which is untouched by hands.


Rajapalayam Spinners Private Limited was started.


ITEMA Spinning India Limited (SAVIO) has presented “Golden Drum” award for largest installation of auto winders.


Five Open End Units were started in Andhra Pradesh with the latest Savio fully automatic Open End spinning with a rotor capacity of 7,200 rotors.


M/s.Rieter Machine Works Limited, Switzerland has awarded our mills for running the oldest Rieter Blow Room scutchure for the past 54 years.